Enlighten Candles Arizona is a family owned, women operated company that embodies mysticism, clean ingredients, and eco-consciousness with our entire line of candles that are hand poured in small batches. It is our mission to provide the highest quality candles with the longest burn time and the best scent throw with Mother Earth in mind.

We are modern day mystics making magic through our candles.

Since the creation of our first non-gmm soy candle, it has been our mission to find ways to honor our planet by using as many sustainable materials and manufacturing methods as possible for packaging our candles. In a commitment to our planet, we encourage customers to upcycle their tumblers--  they make the perfect cocktail glass or flower vase. 

The creative process of hand pouring, infusing oils and inspecting each candle is our pride and joy at Enlighten Candles Arizona. When you light our candle, you will experience the magic that goes into each and every container.