Julianna the founder and CEO of Enlighten Candles
Julianna is an intuitive and a life coach who has worked for over a decade empowering clients to recognize their gifts. Out of this practice, Enlighten Candles was born. Julianna believes candles are a tangible way to bring powerful messages through mantras and olfactory sensation. Self taught, she created candles filled with magic and clean ingredients that bring the ancient practice of candle making and ceremony into your home.

The recipe she created, through LOTS of trial and error, is unlike any other; the scents are diligently selected based on complex layers of aromas, making each one unique and memorable. As the candle burns, it acts as a focal point for introspection and stillness. Julianna believes these candles are a beautiful token for spreading love and empowerment.

Go on, get enlightened!

Founded by Julianna Lyddon, 2014, in her kitchen 

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