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Intuition Intention Candle

Listen to your intuition

Our Intention Candles are hand poured in 14oz glass pillars. A total of five in the collection, each one has a unique mantra and quartz crystal charged under the full moon. This collection is aimed to bring light and ceremony into your daily life. Keep on nightstands, altars, desks, or any place that holds meaning for you.

The Intuition Intention Candle is perfect for use in ritual, meditation, manifesting dreams, or to imbue your space with positive energy. This candle holds a crystal that is charged under the full moon to infuse the wax and scent with powerful energy to aid you in listening to your intuition.

Intuition Mantra: "I listen to my intuition"

Our Intuition is our inner wisdom and guiding light. When it's blocked, we can become disconnected from our wise self and yearn for happiness outside ourselves instead of finding our beauty within. This can cause blockages in our energy field.

Visualize any blocks within your mind, body, or spirit that are keeping you from tapping into your intuitive self. Speak the intention out loud and give yourself permission to use your intuition to live a life filled with purpose.

The Intuition Intention is intuitively paired with our Grapefruit Mangosteen scent.

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