Candle Magic 101: What Is It and How to Do It

Understanding Candle Magic

Candle magic has been around for a very long time and has been used to harness the transformative powers of the element fire to help bring intentions to fruition. This does not have to be viewed as witchcraft, religious, or pagan, etc etc. This practice is a way to work with the elemental energies, the universe, and your personal power. This practice can go very in depth, or much more simple, depending on your desires and what feels right for you. One of our favorite ways to practice candle magic is quick, simple, yet effective. See below for a ritual that you can do at home using your favorite Enlighten Candle.


Candle Magic Ritual with Enlighten Candles

1. First, you need to determine your magical goal or intention. Be sure to be specific, use positive language, and utilize your senses.

2. Find a quiet place to light your candle. 

3. Energetically charge your candle. Hold it in your hands, before lighting it, close your eyes and imagine surrounding the candle in white light. This aligns the candle with your energy and imbues it with positivity. 

4. State your intention out loud and then light the candle.

5. Once the candle is lit, sit in front of it with your eyes closed, taking a few deep breaths. Begin to visualize your intention coming to life. Visualize yourself obtaining your goal. What does it look like? Taste like? Sound like? Take as long as you need to do this.

6. Let the candle burn for a few hours. If you have to put it out, it is best to snuff it out rather than blowing it out. The motion of blowing out the candle can release the intention. 

7. Continue to burn daily until it has burned all the way through. 


Lighting Candles for Candle Magic

You can do this with any of our candles. You can use one from our classic collection and create your own unique intention.

Candle Magic Mantra Intention Candles
If you need more direction, you can choose from our Mantra, Animal Wisdom or Meditation collection. These all are charged with mantras and positive intentions, which can aid in strengthening your manifestation. Go on, get enlightened!

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